To Our Dear Los Angeles OM Community:

We, the owners and staff of TurnON Los Angeles want to start this letter first by saying thank you. We began this journey to bring Orgasmic Meditation and education about healing, desire, and so much more to LA in 2014. With your support and participation we grew beyond what we could have ever possibly imagined. We got a center on Lincoln Blvd and hosted about one class on some topic at least once per weekend for the last 4 years as we’re sure you all know from our emails! We held two glorious Coaching Programs and have so many amazing memories from these and so many other programs and events that we’ve been lucky to hold in our great city. 

As part of the vision to bring Orgasmic Meditation education online to a wider audience, we as the owners of TurnON Los Angeles have made the hard decision to close our business. We will no longer be offering local, in-person classes. OneTaste will be announcing more about the online product soon!

We look out at a city alive with humans of all kinds enjoying community with a commitment to practice and we could not be more proud of the work we’ve done and of you all and how beautiful you are. Thank you, again, for being with us on this incredible journey.

And don’t worry - Its not like we are disappearing! As we always say, stay connected.

Here’s a note from OneTaste on the announcement:

The Facebook page will stay active for those of you who are trained in how to OM and on it. 

For anyone interested in learning Orgasmic Meditation locally, our very own Leah Mendelson will be continuing as a private certified OM trainer here in Los Angeles. She is reachable here:

Leah Mendelson

(510) 912-4765

Also, the center at 2122 Lincoln is going back under the amazing vision of our dear friend Hayley Starr. She wants you all to know how welcome you are. 

**Lastly, we will be having a gathering for anyone who would like to come and celebrate the end of this chapter on Saturday, October 20th from 5-7p. Please text Sofia to RSVP and she'll send you the address for the location: 831-236-2128.  

Thats all from us. 


TurnON Los Angeles